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Zoomtech Engineering Co., Ltd. (renamed from the former Guangdong Enfei Engineering Technology Co., Ltd.) is a professional municipal engineering design company. The team was founded in 2005 and is one of the important engineering design teams in Guangzhou. The industry specializes in designing Class A and landscape engineering design special grade A qualifications.
The company's business involves urban road and bridge and tunnel engineering design, urban municipal pipe network engineering design, power engineering design, landscape engineering design and hydraulic engineering design.
Zhong En brand logo, in the design to extract the brand name [Zhong En] stroke characteristics, with the engineering industry-specific symbols [] cleverly gathered into a "middle" word, the middle gray color block, representing Zhong En customer-centric, Adhere to the core concept of people-oriented, pay attention to the balanced development of the company and customers. The design of the square chamfer illustrates the high-speed and stable operation mechanism of Zhong En, realizing the development direction and business objectives of one-stop and diversification; [] as an extension of brand symbols, not only has the brand genes and industry attributes, but also spreads It solves the audience's cognition and memory, and is also beneficial for later dissemination applications.The design of the standard word, the strokes are neat and steady, and the stability of the municipal industry is highlighted, which is consistent with the corporate culture and connotation conveyed by Zhong En. The color uses the unique blue color of the engineering industry, presenting a stable, technological and international visual perception.


BEST STUDIO is a cutting-edge growth graphic creative studio, involving creative fields such as brand design,font customization, poster design, cultural and creative product development, etc. We advocate combining artistic thinking with business logic, and hope to explore modern design through multi-dimensional thinking and create an effective visual language for customers from an international perspective.

BEST STUDIO & 白色至上设计是一间新锐的成长型图形创意工作室,涉及品牌设计、字体字型定制、海报设计、文创产品开发等创意领域。我们主张将艺术思维与商业逻辑相结合,通过多维度思维探索现代化设计,以国际视野为客户打造有效地视觉化语言。

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